Amway Introduces Revamped Multi-Lingual Online Learning Platform For Entrepreneurs

ADA, Mich. , Feb. 27, 2017 /CNW/ — Amway today announced the launch of its next generation education platform for Independent Business Owners, Amway Education. The revamped collection of nearly 100 free online training videos and resources are specially designed to practically support today’s aspiring and current business owners.

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Building on its existing training resources, which fuel the potential of every Independent Business Owner of the world’s number one direct seller, Amway Education will deliver best-in-class video content, alongside the expert mentor access IBOs already receive. Courses are offered in five languages, allowing users to coach others without communication restrictions.

“One of the greatest benefits to being an Amway Independent Business Owner is that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” said Jim Ayres , Managing Director of Amway North America . “A huge benefit to joining Amway is that you gain access to education content that helps you start and build your business, hone leadership skills, leverage social media and generally become a savvier direct seller. The complete refresh of Amway Education goes even deeper into each of these areas with brief, animated courses that fit into people’s on-the-go lifestyles.”

Amway Education draws on a number of industry experts to inform the most engaging, relevant and useful content for business owners. Among the courses, Coaching for Success features prominent American football coach and former player Bill Curry .

“Whether new business owners are looking to brush up on their social media skills, become great leaders, or master negotiators, succeeding in business today comes to those who never stop learning,” said former American football coach Bill Curry . “Continued learning can be a challenge to juggle at different life stages and it should be highly personalized. Amway Education is adaptable and accessible to meet users where they are, with the tools they need.”

Amway also plans to announce an official council of business leaders and industry experts in the fields of learning and development, coaching, communications, multicultural marketing, technology and social media and sales. The members, to be announced, will collectively inform the breadth of growing content available across the platform.

At launch, Amway Education:

  • Will be available in the United States , Canada and Dominican Republic , with aspirations to spread to all of Amway 3+ million business owners around the world
  • Offers nearly 100 courses and resources on enhancing business and life skills
  • Is organized within four core education series: Get Started, Build your Business, Grow to Leadership, and Be a Leader
  • Includes courses such as Business Etiquette, Negotiating, Reading Body Language, Coaching for Success
  • Provides all courses free to Amway Independent Business Owners and select courses to anyone prior to joining
  • Recalls sessions and saves one’s progress seamlessly across learners’ preferred devices
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Is available in five languages: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Korean and English

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