Direct Selling Association Board of Directors gains CEO of LegalShield: Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield, has joined the Direct Selling Association (DSA) board of directors.

Bell joined LegalShield in July 2014 as Chief Executive Officer and is recognized as a successful and passionate marketing visionary with an extraordinary corporate leadership portfolio. Throughout Bell’s 26-year career he has successfully built brands and grown sales in industries ranging from automotive to entertainment.

“My decision to join LegalShield as its CEO was based on the integrity of our products, LegalShield and IDShield,” said Bell. “Helping to build a positive reputation and integrity for the network marketing industry is why I joined the DSA board of directors. Our customers and associates are at the center of everything we do. I look forward to working with the DSA to help ensure our industry has the right measures in place to make both consumer protection and a positive purchase experience everyone’s first priority.”

At the core of Bell’s success is his relentless approach and commitment “to do well by doing good.” “Building healthy brands and profitable business is not about tradeoffs between the company and the customer, it is about creating products and services that meet the customers needs and delivering reliably and consistently,” said Bell.

“We are pleased to welcome Jeff to DSA’s board of directors as we work together to support and continue to grow the direct selling channel in the United States,” said DSA President Joseph N. Mariano. “Professional services are an important part of direct selling. I welcome Jeff’s perspective as CEO of LegalShield and look forward to his many contributions to DSA.”

In the past 12 months, under Bell’s leadership, LegalShield has relaunched its digital properties,,,, and; created three all-new mobile applications, Ask LegalShield, My LegalShield and My IDShield; and is in the process of launching several new tools for its network salesforce that leverage best-in-class technology to create business efficiency and generate leads.

Additionally, in April of this year, LegalShield acquired the assets of Shake, LLC. Shake’s team brings with it a track record of successful, intuitive design in the legal field. The original Shake app, which allows users to create, sign, send, and manage legally binding contracts from their smartphones, was named one of Business Insider’s Top 11 Apps to Watch in 2014.

The company – now with offices in Ada, Antlers and Duncan, Oklahoma, Richardson, Texas and New York City – directly employs more than 700 people and supports a direct-selling network team of more than 280,000. In addition, the LegalShield provider and referral network employs more than 9,500 people;

LegalShield’ s identity restoration partner employs dozens of licensed private investigators and support staff dedicated to providing services for IDShield. The company sold for more than $650 million in 2011.

“We deliver products that promote peace of mind,” Bell said. “Our mission applies both to our members and our sales associates. We are very focused on growing our associate base and we’re doing it for the right reasons and with the right people.”


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