DubLi Network Offers Home-Based Business Opportunity During Holiday Shopping Season

DubLi Network, the world’s largest e-commerce network marketing company through its Cash Back shopping platform, DubLi.com, offers a home-based business opportunity in the midst of the holiday shopping season.

The company has built a strong global foundation to support Independent Business Associates, who today represent 98 countries, with industry-leading training, cutting-edge tools and technology in eight languages.

With DubLi Network, Business Associates are able to directly help consumers around the world save money on products and services they are already buying by marketing DubLi’s global Cash Back portal, DubLi.com, and V.I.P. memberships.

“We live in a technological age and everything is happening online making DubLi Network a timely business opportunity for entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and individuals looking to supplement their income by harnessing the global growth of the e-commerce sector,” said Michael Hansen, Founder of DubLi and Executive Vice President of Business Development.

“The holiday season also presents a natural entry point for Independent Business Associates to introduce shoppers to Cash Back – enabling them to shop at their favorite stores and enjoy stackable savings when they combine coupons, discounts and other deals with Cash Back. In addition, DubLi.com helps save consumers money on their holiday travel bookings – presenting another timely vehicle for building a customer base.”

Shoppers today are smarter than ever and online shopping has evolved into a trillion dollar business. E-commerce is growing at double digit rates and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. This is great news for anyone recommending the DubLi Network business opportunity and the Cash Back shopping platform, DubLi.com.

By bringing together smart shoppers with thousands of global leading retail and travel brands, DubLi.com is the most comprehensive Cash Back shopping destination in the world offering a state-of-the-art, multi-lingual and global online shopping experience.

“DubLi Network is the first network marketing company of its kind to reward people based on the same everyday activities both they, and the people they refer, are performing anyway. The fact that most consumers around the world are focused on holiday shopping now gives DubLi Network entrepreneurs a natural segue into discussing their business and the opportunity,” said Mr. Hansen.

“With DubLi Network it is just about providing a consumer a ‘tip,’ it is not necessary to create a need or to persuade someone to purchase something they don’t want or need. It is about helping customers through their purchasing journey at their favorite online stores.”

With no inventory and consumer behavioral change required, DubLi Network offers Business Associates hard-to-rival flexibility and low-cost start-up fees as they build their teams and customer base. Business Associates are able to earn an income, as well as build a residual income stream, from both marketing DubLi’s Cash Back portal and V.I.P. memberships to customers or by building a marketing team of their own.

For more information, visit www.dublinetwork.com.


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