FTC Politics and MLM drama blend together in Herbalife scenario

Politics and MLM

Here is when Politics and MLM drama blend together.
Connect the dots and see what is happening… or are they just random, unrelated dots?

Herbalife has been hiring all types of people from all types of backgrounds.
“Former government this”, “former government that” type of person have been hired in a wonderful display of countering Bill Ackman’s short on the Herbalife stock starting in 2012.

The complexity of the Herbalife scenario continues as eventually the investigations have to come to some sort of a close.    This article in Seeking Alpha adds another dynamic to the mix.

The government picks and chooses who it goes after, investigates and takes action on.
Is Herbalife too big to close? Is it too big to sanction or fine?

Because Herbalife is traded on the stock market and because the longs (Carl Icahn) and the shorts (Bill Ackman) on the stock are so high profiled, the stakes are high… and the research is plenty.

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Disclosure:   MLM.news and this contributor does not own any stock in Herbalife.

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