FTC vs Network Marketing Industry: Defense Fund Formed

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Network Marketing Icon Richard Bliss Brooke has taken the initiative to launch a Defense Fund as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) attack on Vemma is considered by many as an attack on the Network Marketing industry and the FTC has very deep pockets….

Richard Bliss Brooke:

This letter is an industry wide call to action: a call to arms if you will.

Obviously we all need to take a hard look at our business practices and make the customer the king. But what we need to do right now as well is ensure that Vemma prevails in its case with the FTC on the issues that the FTC has taken the liberty to get totally wrong… like “who should be considered a customer” and due process vs. a police state.

“One of our own” deserves our support right now and it is in our best interest to support him. There are 700 US-based MLM companies right now…about 200 of them are DSA members.

If just 100 of those companies invested $1,000 a month we could make the difference between Vemma winning on the appropriate merits or not. $100,000 a month will insure that Vemma can mount the best of defenses.

And although any amount will help, I know that if my little tiny company can easily justify and afford $1,000 a month so can 100 of you.

Read more here: www.vemmadefensefund.com

Article Source: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/01/usa-ftc-vs-network-marketing-industry-defense-fund-formed/

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