GET YOUR SERVICE ON – #USANAgives & you can too

SALT LAKE CITY, /PRNewswire/ — USANA True Health Foundation (THF) is pleased to announce their first-ever World Service Week.  During the week of May 20 – 27, USANA Associates, employees and their families, as well as the general public are encouraged to participate in service activities and give back to the communities in which they reside.

THF encourages all participants in World Service Week to share their good deeds on social media using the hashtag #USANAgives.

“We are excited to join our entire USANA Family for the initiatory World Service Week and see the impact we can have throughout the entire globe,” said Brian Paul, THF’s executive director of communications. “USANA established the Foundation to serve children and families in need.  We have extended the invitation to all Associates, employees and their families – and to all families throughout the world – to support this mission by serving in their communities during this week in May and to help extend the reach of THF.”

During World Service Week, THF along with nearly 20 USANA Associates, will travel to Uganda where they will visit the Wentz Medical Center and provide service and aid to the Kampala community. In addition, the Foundation will participate in creating Food Paks, an easy package of nutritious food and other essential items, with the Children’s Hunger Fund in major cities in the US, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas.

The USANA True Health Foundation was established by USANA — a global cellular nutritional company based in Salt Lake City — in 2012 in an effort to provide opportunities for its independent distributors to give back to people in need all over the world. All administrative fees are paid by USANA (NYSE: USNA), which allows the Foundation to donate 100 percent of every dollar raised to those in need.

Through humanitarian missions, regular contributions, fundraising projects and collaborations with the Women’s Tennis Association, the nonprofit organization has raised over $13 million to aid hundreds around the world. The Foundation has donated over $6.3 million in its children’s multivitamin product — Usanimals — to the Children’s Hunger Fund and an additional $5.7 million has been donated to feeding children, providing aid in needy areas as well as disaster relief globally.

To learn more about the USANA True Health Foundation or to make a donation, please visit:

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