Isagenix Introduces ‘Prime Time’ Community Focused on Healthy Aging

Health and wellness company Isagenix is taking a strategic approach to building relationships through a new online community focused on healthy aging.

The Arizona-based company recently introduced the new group, known as Prime Time, along with an online portal at By signing up, members get access to a Facebook group where they can communicate with other members and get health tips, as well as the chance to participate in healthy living contests. Members also can opt to receive regular Prime Time newsletters.

The Prime Time project was initiated by Patty Raphael, a Gen Xer and the company’s Vice President of Opportunity Solutions. “I spoke to a lot of Associates who felt Isagenix wasn’t quite hitting the mark when it came to the needs of my age group, and so we wanted to better support this community by building connections, having fun and providing tips on living life to the fullest,” Raphael said in the company’s announcement.

In many ways Prime Time is a counterpart to Isagenix’s START Your Life community, which aims to equip and inspire millennials—now the fastest-growing demographic among Isagenix Associates. Erik Coover, Senior Vice President of Global Field Development, told DSN the START Facebook page has built a following of more than 54,000. Coover, the son of Isagenix co-founders and executives Jim and Kathy Coover, has been instrumental to the development of START.

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