Jeunesse Kids Raises Over $500,000 In Support Of Free The Children

More than $500,000 USD was raised for Jeunesse Kids™ at Jeunesse EXPO Unite in Singapore, September 11–13, 2015.

In addition to thousands of Distributor contributions, significant donations were made by approximately 70 top Jeunesse Diamond Directors, each of who received a special handmade Rafiki bracelet on stage at the event.

Over the past two years, all three of Jeunesse’s Triple Diamond Directors have donated back their entire Diamond bonus check to the cause.

Special guest, Co-Founder of Free The Children Craig Kielburger, provided inspiration and project updates to attendees of EXPO Unite. In addition, two Mamas from the Jeunesse Kids village in Kenya gave an onsite demonstration of Rafiki bracelet making and shared their appreciation for how the contributions are making such a positive impact on the village.

Through its partnership with the international charity partner, Free The Children, Jeunesse Kids is helping to support the Adopt a Village model, designed to empower communities to break the cycle of poverty through five key pillars: education, clean water and sanitation, health, alternative income and livelihood, and agriculture and food security.

The Adopt a Village program has brought more than 650 school rooms to youth and provided clean water, health care and sanitation to 1 million people around the world.

Jeunesse Kids has adopted villages in both Dao Lazui, China and Irkaat, Kenya. At EXPO Unite it was announced that the company will be adopting a third village, in Ecuador.

In Dao Lazui, a school has already been built in just three months, complete with six classrooms, a lunchroom and a library. Jeunesse Kids has pledged to donate a total of $227,150 to this project by the end of 2015.

In Irkaat, two schools have been built, implementing better education, health awareness workshops, and agri-business training. In addition, two women’s groups have been created to provide alternative income programs that help women purchase resources such as rain catchment systems, goats, chickens, maize and beans, to gain financial independence and economic sufficiency. Jeunesse Kids has pledged to donate a total of $299,750 to this cause by the end of 2015.

This December, Co-Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis, together with 20 Diamond Directors will visit Dao Lazui in order to meet the people and lend a hand by participating in on-site projects.

“We are truly honored to support Free The Children in making a difference in the lives of youth around the world, while bringing hope and freedom — freedom from poverty and exploitation, freedom to live a more empowered life.  We are so passionate about this endeavor, and it is a great privilege to align Jeunesse Kids with such a credible cause that resonates so perfectly with our mission,” said CVO, Scott Lewis.


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