KulaBrands Introducing MobiCard USA

Introducing our 3rd invention/product to the kulaBrands™ Community!

MobiCard USA is a web-based app with features like online shopping, local shopping, and national discounts as well as business websites, contact information, and directions to stores to name a few.  With everything at your fingertips this remarkable APP has it all.

Business websites, contact information, and directions to store front are just a click away. Easily see the amazing local offers.

  • New offers added daily
  • Online shopping
  • Specialty store listings (ebay, etsy, facebook, Amazon, website store etc…)
  • Affordable Yearly or Monthly Memberships

We are excited about huge potential of this Project in the discount shopping category!

For more info and a video on this incredible already established app go to http://www.mobicardusa.com/


“Thank You for being the Best part of kulaBrands!”

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