LegalShield Provides More Products and Plans Announced at its 20th Annual Legal Provider Conference

ADA, Okla., May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — LegalShield, the original disrupter in the legal services industry, announced plans to roll out at least seven new and enhanced technology-based services and products to meet the needs of consumers and business owners in the sharing economy. The new line-up continues the legal services company’s commitment to providing equal access to equal justice for millions of North Americans. The announcement was made at Elevate by LegalShield, its 20th annual conference of more than 120 LegalShield lawyers from the U.S. and Canada.

“Forty-four years ago, LegalShield disrupted the legal industry by offering services at an affordable cost—creating a community of members and matching them to accountable and responsive law firms,” said Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield. “The costs of legal services are out of reach for most North Americans, and we are again reshaping the future of law services by putting a law firm in the palms of all citizens and our members with LegalShield mobile apps.”

Unlike its competitors who offer do-it-yourself (DIY) online legal services or a referral to a random lawyer, LegalShield offers the convenience of DIY technology with the assurance of a high-quality, full-service law firm. This is what customers want. A recent survey of 4,000 adult internet users by LexisNexis found that nearly 75 percent of those who have looked to hire an attorney in the past year used online resources at some point in the process.

The new products and services to be rolled out over the next 30 days and throughout 2016 include:

  • LegalShield App: The newly redesigned app provides LegalShield members instant access to their dedicated law firm and member perks discounts, and makes it easy to keep member’s information up to date. (June)
  • Snap by LegalShield: Available in the LegalShield App, the Snap feature allows members to take a picture of any traffic ticket and instantly send it to their dedicated law firm for resolution. (June)
  • Shake by LegalShield: Provides free forms to members that are backed up by dedicated law firms. (July)
  • Launch by LegalShield: Makes it easy to start businesses right by providing state-specific forms and dedicated attorney support in a one-stop shop. (August)
  • Ask by LegalShield: The Ask App is adding more free answers to the most commonly asked legal questions, with more than 1,500 questions answered in an easy to use app. (September)
  • Legal Plan for “gig economy” drivers: A legal plan that provides legal consultation and moving traffic violation coverage for individuals that drive their personal car for income-producing purposes. (October)
  • Enhance by LegalShield: Supporting law firms and lawyers by providing educational opportunities, technological resources and real lawyer ratings, including Net Promote Scores (NPS) from clients. (November)

All LegalShield products and apps have an underlying goal of increasing ease of use and access to legal services and furthering understanding of consumer rights as it relates to the law. The new products and enhancements were spearheaded by Shake, an award-winning technology start-up company purchased by LegalShield in April of 2015.

“By combining the benefits of technology with practical advice from a trusted law firm at a reasonable cost, LegalShield is paving the way to greater legal access for millions of people,” added Abe Geiger, LegalShield vice president of product development and founder of Shake.

LegalShield is the only legal services provider that has a dedicated network of law firms and lawyers supporting its members. This unique attorney network provides a dedicated law firm in every state (except Alaska, which will be available by 2017) to directly service each LegalShield member. To ensure member satisfaction and quality, members are surveyed after every interaction with a lawyer and rate their experience using a NPS. The average NPS for LegalShield providers is 54, putting the company on par with companies like Apple and Nike.

“It took decades to build our network of attorneys—one firm at a time, one state at a time. The relationships we have with our providers and the committment they have to helping our members is unparalled,” said Bell. “And together, we are furthering our commitment by not only providing the best legal services, but the best technology to access legal help.”

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