Mannatech Offers Insight on Legal and Compliance Environment at Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit



Mannatech®, Incorporated (MTEX), a global health and wellness company committed to transforming lives to make a better world, had its CEO and President, Alfredo “Al” Bala, and General Counsel, Erin Barta, share their expertise in building a robust legal and compliance program that serves as a model for the direct sales industry during a keynote presentation at this week’s Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit in Dallas, Texas.

The Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit is a gathering of industry executives and leaders who are seeking the best practices to reduce their risk, grow and protect their companies and navigate an ever changing regulatory landscape facing the direct sales industry. Along with delivering a keynote presentation Bala served as master of ceremonies for the two-day event.

Bala and Barta’s keynote presentation was titled “Compliance is Key: Unlock your Company’s Greatness with Strong Business Ethics.” The presentation included Bala and Barta sharing how Mannatech, which faced legal and regulatory challenges more than a decade ago, turned around and become a shining example for ethical business practices for the direct sales industry. The Mannatech leaders keynote is intended to help other companies find a way to implement and achieve growth by building a culture of compliance and business ethics.

“We realized that for Mannatech to grow and reach its potential we required a culture of compliance that permeated our corporate and field operations,” said Bala. “We believe our compliance efforts put us at a competitive advantage and is key to our company’s growth. That is why we put maximum effort into building a program that sets the standard for the industry, ensures that our company could flourish and enables our independent sales Associates to build long-term business that are safe, secure and are supported by our Business Ethics and Compliance teams.”

Significant to Mannatech’s legal and compliance efforts is Barta who introduced a variety of programs that support Mannatech’s daily efforts to meet all regulatory and legal mandates. Her team, the Legal and Business Ethics Department, is composed of legal and compliance staff who are committed to supporting Associates in their quest to build their businesses in a safe, compliant environment where they can achieve long-term success. Some of the tools Mannatech leverages to help support its compliance efforts include:

  • Providing corporate-approved marketing materials for sales Associates
  • Recurring training for Associates and corporate staff on compliant marketing and advertising
  • Monitoring marketing messages surrounding the company and products
  • Requiring Associates to report their websites to the Legal and Business Ethics Department
  • Conducting random checks of other online communications platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs
  • Employing best-in-class, third-party web crawlers to pick up references linking Mannatech and its products to disease claims, as well as potential trademark infringement and other adverse materials

Mannatech’s Legal and Business Ethics Department represents Associates in all of the 26 markets in which Mannatech operates. It also works closely with industry trade groups to help develop compliance best practices and understand how to create a culture of compliance as new regulatory developments occur.

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