Mannatech Scientific Advisory Board to Tap Outside Experts

Mannatech Inc. is bolstering its research and development prowess with the creation of a Scientific Advisory Board headed by the company’s Global Wellness Director, Dr. Steve Nugent.

“The Board’s mission is to provide objective, expert leadership to Mannatech and to ensure its technologies meet the highest standards,” said Nugent who has more than 38 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. “Mannatech’s foundation is built on science, and this board will ensure the company receives the most current feedback from scientists and wellness leaders from around the world.”

In a statement, management said the company is in the process of vetting potential candidates for membership. The group of third-party doctors, scientists and wellness experts will support Mannatech by reviewing new and existing products to verify that they meet set standards and incorporate the latest research. Board members will also pitch new product ideas and educate the company’s Associates in their respective areas of expertise.

Mannatech has invested more than $50 million in researching and developing its health, fitness and skincare products. The company’s supplements are based in nutritional glycobiology and contain plant-based, naturally occurring ingredients. Since its founding in 1993, Mannatech has secured 100 patents worldwide—many of them pertaining to its Ambrotose line of supplements.

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