Mary Kay Launches Unprecedented, Omni-Channel Campaign Featuring Fresh And Authentic Faces Of The Company

DALLAS, Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Mary Kay Inc. has launched its newest advertising campaign – the “I CAN” campaign – that for the first time was created in direct collaboration with the company’s Independent Beauty Consultants. This unprecedented campaign builds on the inherent values of Mary Kay and its dedication to connecting at a deep level with its target audience by leveraging the use of real people and their stories in its marketing campaigns.

With a goal of amplifying the thousands of stories organically shared by Independent Beauty Consultants on individual and corporate social media channels, the campaign started by seeding the social hashtag #MyMKLife in 2015. The co-created campaign was developed with stories from the hashtag and activated over the summer, with a “social-first” strategy, amplified by paid media to generate additional engagement.

The campaign took shape as Mary Kay entrepreneurs shared inspirational stories and quotes illustrating how the Mary Kay business has positively impacted their lives, including “I can be me,” “I can make a difference, not just an income” and “I can be a good example for my kids.”

During the activation stage of the campaign, more than 500 women were photographed and interviewed during Mary Kay Inc.’s annual Seminar in Dallas to participate as the fresh faces of the campaign. The campaign, a multi-platform initiative, includes digital, broadcast, outdoor and print placements. The campaign was featured in national media outlets, digital billboards in the heart of ever-bustling Times Square, on the company website and on Mary Kay Inc.’s social channels. Additionally, Independent Beauty Consultants are featured in the campaign’s first television commercial, which will be seen by more than 2M+ viewers during Season 15 Episode 6 of the hit show “Project Runway.”

“The ‘I CAN’ campaign gave us the chance to showcase, on a national stage, the heart of Mary Kay – our Independent Sales Force. These inspirational women of all walks of life chose the Mary Kay business for many different reasons,” said Sara Friedman, Vice President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay. “However, through the campaign, it is evident that they are united by their love for the diverse opportunities their Mary Kay business allows them on a daily basis.”

Since the campaign’s launch in September 2016, it has garnered impressive results including 43.8 million impressions and 1.2 million engagements across social channels, and 40K+ uses of the “I Can” custom photo filter. These results demonstrate the strong adoption rates of authentic campaigns by consumers nationwide.

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