New Direct Sales Company Established By Women For Women

New moms and Mothers-to-Be looking for products for their babies now have an alternative to the big named department stores: The Elephants Box. The company looks for products inspired by kids, developed by moms. The buyers for the company hand pick items from various vendors in support if small business women who develop unique products for the safety and well-being of babies.

The Elephants Box is the first direct sales company dedicated to infant and toddler products. The main design of the business is to get back to the basics of hosting in-home baby showers for the new mother-to-be. The home parties are called “Baby Showers” and the vision is to bring the boutiques to the hostess and guests so that shopping can be done easily. The mother-to-be can choose the gifts that she wants during the shower and then the guests can purchase the items from the shower consultant. New moms don’t need to go to department stores to register for gifts. The consultants are “Shower Consultants” and help the new moms with their gift wish lists and can even help host the baby shower.

The company provides high-quality products and is very selective of the merchandise carried. “We are three women that have had a desire to pay it forward in our daily lives. We came up with this idea not only as a means for an income, but to provide support for mothers and independently women owned businesses,” explains Sheri Sowka-Pizarro, one of the three co-owners. “First we seek vendors that have unique products and will benefit babies and new moms. Then we hire women consultants to represent our vendors so that their products get in to the hands of consumers. The working mother gets the benefit of having a shower with the help of an experienced consultant.”

The Elephants Box currently carries merchandise from some well-respected companies such as Baby Elephant Ears, Pink Chicken, Magnificent Baby, and Baby Jack to name a few. Showers are just a small piece of the business. The company also does birthday parties, holiday parties, and other celebrations where baby and toddler gifts are needed. The company includes a toddler line because according to co-owner Lisa Stone, “The big brother or sister should not be left out of the celebration!”

The company also provides a line of gift boxes where customers can purchase themed gifts. Some examples are “Steppin’ Out” which includes dressy outfits of varying sizes; “Organic Bath” that includes a line of organic baby shampoo, lotions, body wash, towels, etc.; an “On The Go box” complete with items that baby will need while traveling, and they don’t forget Mommy either with their “Mommy Box” which is all about the new mom. There are many different themes to choose from and all the products come from small, independently women-owned businesses.

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