Nu Skin Supplies 500 Million Meals to Malnourished Children

Nu Skin Enterprises on Tuesday announced that it has reached a milestone in its Nourish the Children initiative, with 500 million meals donated to date.

The beauty and wellness company launched Nourish the Children in 2002 to combat poor nutrition, which causes nearly half of deaths in children under five, or about 3.1 million each year, according to the World Food Programme. The cornerstone of the initiative is VitaMeal, a nutrient-dense food formulated by Nu Skin nutrition scientists. The rice and lentil meal was crafted specifically for malnourished children, and combines essential vitamins and minerals with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.

“I’ve seen firsthand the difference that VitaMeal has made in my country,” Malawi’s former first lady, Madam Callista Mutharika, said in the company’s announcement. “Its impact has been life-changing for thousands of kids. Children who were once hungry are now healthy, strong and able to go to school. Mothers who had no food can now provide their loved ones with a warm and nutritious meal.”

Nu Skin distributors, customers and employees support the cause by purchasing VitaMeal, and then opting to donate the product to Nourish the Children. The for-profit structure enables distributors to receive commissions on VitaMeal purchases. The price covers production and distribution costs, with a minimal profit margin for the company.

“It is heartwarming to think of the impact of providing 500 million meals to malnourished children,” said Steven Lund, Executive Chairman of Nu Skin’s board and Executive Director of Nourish the Children. “Reaching such a significant milestone is a testament to the compassion and generosity of Nu Skin’s sales leaders, customers and employees and to the collective good we can do.”

To distribute VitaMeal, Nu Skin partners with third-party nonprofits that specialize in supplying aid to those suffering from malnutrition and famine. The company’s aim is to provide consistent levels of food on a sustainable basis. Thus far, Nourish the Children has helped to feed children in 50 countries.

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