People Magazine Article with Ollie Cantos and Family

Ollie Cantos is a special guest host on Building Fortunes Radio. He is an attorney, City Councilman, MLM Distributor, and Great dad! Ollie (pronounced Oh-Lee) is blind and he adopted triplets, (Nick, Steven, and Leo) who were also born Blind. Their story is shared again in PEOPLE magazine. Read the article, and Please support the boys college funds on GoFunMe
The 2024 People Magazine: [×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc():focal(749×0:751×2)/Blind-Triplets70-03272024-9d00f130f16b46e39265394e06ac1974.jpg]<> Blind Triplet Contemplated Suicide Before Blind Man Adopted Them. Now Boys Are Pursuing Their Dreams (Exclusive)<> Ollie Cantos tells PEOPLE that when he looks back on the 14 years since he first met triplets Nick, Leo and Steven, he has tears in his eyes and endless gratitude in his heart.
His personal Asea Link: []<> Learn More About ASEA<> Learn how your life can change when you take care of your well-being from the outside in – and more.
His GoFundMe for Boys education: []<> Donate to Blind Triplets Reaching New Heights, organized by Ollie Cantos<> Like all of us, blind triplets Leo, Nick, and Steven have big dreams for the future. … Ollie Cantos needs your support for Blind Triplets Reaching New Heights
The Building Fortunes Radio Link:

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