Shaklee launches Healthprint, a personalized digital health assessment tool

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Most Americans take dietary supplements, but they may find it difficult to identify the right supplements and the right lifestyle changes needed to meet their personal health goals. With the introduction of its new Healthprint digital health assessment tool, Shaklee is taking a huge leap toward providing customers with the knowledge they need to make better and more personalized choices at the price that is right for them along with personalized health and lifestyle information to help them reach their health goals. Healthprint was launched Thursday, August 4 during Shaklee Live 2016, an annual conference in Orlando attended by thousands of Shaklee distributors from throughout the world.

In addition to Healthprint, the company has created a new health and lifestyle blog called Naturally – Your Resource for a Healthier Life to provide individuals with valuable information that extends beyond its products.

Shaklee is a leading global health and wellness direct selling company. Both Healthprint and Naturally are collaborative efforts backed by award-winning Shaklee doctors and scientists. “You will receive recommendations and information from credible experts and resources, including but not limited to, our exceptionally knowledgeable Shaklee team,” confirms Shaklee Chief Science Officer Bruce Daggy, Ph.D. Those sources include information from the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic and the Arthritis Foundation.

Healthprint brings personalization to help customers meet their health goals
Whereas some digital health assessments take a one-size-fits-all approach, Shaklee Healthprint provides personalized recommendations based on how individuals respond to the questions and what they list as their top three health goals. It is a quick and easy health assessment tool that provides individuals with personalized information—with more than 1 million possible outcomes.

It consists of just three elements:

  1. Twenty simple questions. “These questions, which take just a couple of minutes to answer, were carefully designed to reveal key dietary and lifestyle habits that impact your health. We also ask about your specific goals, which may be anything from weight loss to bone health,” explains Daggy.
  2. A diet and lifestyle score plus a customized plan. “Immediately after completing the questionnaire, you’ll receive a diet and lifestyle score based on where you are relative to optimal wellness,” elaborates Shaklee Senior Research ScientistFrancis Lau, Ph.D., FACN. “You’ll also receive customized educational content, practical tips and recommendations backed by Shaklee science to help you reach your unique health goals.”
  3. Personalized product recommendations. “We want to remove the confusion,” says Lau. “Your assessment will provide you with Shaklee product recommendations to support your efforts at a variety of price points to fit every budget.”

Dr. Daggy points to the Shaklee Difference as further support behind this assessment tool. “Shaklee products are safe, proven and 100 percent guaranteed. If you’re not feeling an improvement after 30 days, you can return the product no questions asked.”

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