Stop Big Tech Censorship and sign petition for Free Speech 4 Health

We want to let you know about organizations that are doing the work you might not have the time to.
The Alliance for Natural Health asks for your support. On their website they write: “Join us in the fight for free speech on health. We’re targeting 1 million signatures to help force Alphabet, YouTube’s owner, to change its medical misinformation policy<> that now disallows any health or medical content that isn’t in agreement with national authorities like the National Institutes for Health in the US, or the World Health Organization. ”
Please sign the petition for Free Speech []<> Why the Free Speech 4 Health Petition Matters – Alliance for Natural Health USA – Protecting Natural Health<> Censorship is the enemy of free and open society, impeding our ability to think critically, discover truth, reject falsehoods, and engage with diverse viewpoints. Yet censorship has been driven to new heights by private companies in today’s digital world, where so many of us get our information online. Private tech companies have developed sophisticated mechanisms

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