Talk Fusion Releases Enhanced Version Of Live Meetings To Select Few

Closing out a banner year filled with innovations to their industry-exclusive video communication products, global leader Talk Fusion is moving forward with some major new enhancements to their video conferencing platform Live Meetings. These additions and improvements will make it even easier for both small and large businesses to increase productivity and to connect face to face through dynamic video meetings with customers, vendors, salesmen, family and friends.

Talk Fusion Associates and Customers alike eagerly volunteered to join the Exclusive Live Meetings Test Group to get a world-first look at the new intuitive features and interface. The initial test group quickly filled beyond capacity and the company expanded their testing parameters to accommodate the overflowing anticipation and excitement.

“Our Associates and Customers take pride in our dedication to innovation and excellence,” said Founder & CEO Bob Reina, “and their response has been overwhelming. These new features and enhancements will be tested by people in all parts of the world.”

The Live Meetings improvements include enhanced capabilities for creating presentations, an all-new user interface that offers a superior look and feel, and better audio quality, image quality and image stability than ever before.

“The technology world is always reinventing itself. That’s why we are in a constant cycle of enhancement, addition, and improvement,” commented Bob Reina. “If we waited for others to make a technology breakthrough, we would always be trying to catch up. At Talk Fusion, our goal is to stay ahead of the pack, and we do that by always reviewing our products and moving the technology forward.”

That technology includes faster servers, significantly decreased load times for web browser and desktop sharing, plus enhanced Whiteboard features – everything needed to host a successful and comprehensive online conference.

“What a fantastic job. This product will be well received in the business community around the world,” remarked Grand Blue Diamond Ron Wright. “The quality enhancements you’ve put into Live Meetings will really help us to go out and build a tremendous business.”

“I set the bar very high,” said Reina, “but this new version has really exceeded my expectations.”


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