Truth In Advertising Lessons Learned For MLMers

Truth In Advertising

There’s always lessons to be learned by what is happening to a company and an Industry whether it is personally connected to you or not.

The website seems to be pretty aggressive in making people aware of some of the issues out there.

If you are a distributor, even though you signed an independent distributor agreement, that does not mean you are free to express your opinion or even voice your concerns.

An established MLM company will have the resources, and in some instances, the responsibility to take all kinds of actions.

Health Claims, Income Claims, Investment Claims are always the most common issues. is one example of the dynamics. Look for yourself and you will see many others… in all types of industries, not just MLM.

It’s not always easy to own or run a company, and don’t think the public perception of LifeStyles of the rich and famous is what successful owners and distributors experience 100% of their time.

The author’s of The Truth in Advertising seem to be right on with addressing the concerns of doing things the right way.

What if your company is written up?
We’ll use the typical response… “It depends.”

Find the facts… understand there are rogue distributors.
The squeaky wheel gets greased and heard.

Most companies really try to do the right thing…
inquire how they handle it and then decide.

If you are involved and there’s legal action against the company, as in a receivership, your earnings are really going to be advances on future claw backs plus interest… maybe.

Or “you’ll get away with it” based on size and judgment.


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