USANA’s Commitment To The Future Of Scientific Research

SALT LAKE CITY, March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — As a leader in the nutritional industry for 23 years, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) takes pride in its commitment to scientific innovation, which is why the global nutrition company recently invested in the growth of its premier research and development team, hiring three new scientists: Kevin Spelman, Ph.D., executive vice president of research and development; Rachel A. Brewer, Ph.D., senior scientist specializing in microbiome research; and Steven Glidewell, Ph.D., senior scientist emphasizing in genetics.

Dr. Spelman’s credentials

  • Twenty-nine years experience in the natural products industry
  • Advisor for the White House Commission of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Publisher of 27 scientific papers
  • Researcher in molecular biology of brain and ovarian cancer, immunological studies and chemical analysis on multiple natural products

“My mission, as Executive Vice President of the R&D department, is to continue in Dr. Myron Wentz’ footsteps and apply cutting-edge science to guide the production of the most advanced and efficacious products on the market,” said Spelman. “USANA will drive the evolution and innovations of the nutritional supplement industry.”

USANA has doubled its investment in scientific research over the past year and plans to continue investing large volumes of resources into precision health goals for USANA and its consumers.

Dr. Brewer’s credentials

  • Interned at the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover in Hannover, Germany, researching bacterial contributions to inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Investigated diet and nutritional impacts on aging and longevity, with a goal of understanding nutritional interventions to help people live healthier longer at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, home to a world-renowned Nutrition and Obesity Research Center
  • Won multiple awards for scientific endeavors from multiple organizations, including the American Society for Nutrition and the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism

“I chose USANA because I am able to apply research that helps others and stand with integrity behind the science I perform,” said Brewer. “USANA makes supporting strong science their priority and I know the products I work with are making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

The scientists at USANA review all the latest scientific literature and clinical studies on important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They then go on to perform their own research. They also test the potency and purity of every product to ensure complete and balanced formulas.

Dr. Glidewell’s credentials

  • Received a doctorate in human medical genetics and genomics from the University of Colorado
  • Focused research on investigating a possible role for a type of DNA variation in the development of a rare cardiac anomaly called hypoplastic left-heart syndrome
  • Assisted in the Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center, supporting its efforts to reveal the neurological signaling pathways involved in olfaction
  • Specialized in forensic analysis of DNA and other biological evidence at the Analytical Genetic Testing Center, Inc., in Denver, CO.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in unlocking the potential of genetics for personalization,” said Glidewell. “I’m thrilled USANA has given me the opportunity to apply my research towards optimizing nutritional health choices.”

The research and development department employs a multitude of experts, all with specific interests and skills, which is what makes USANA — and its commitment to the future of science — unique.

Article Source: PRNewsWire

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