Vemma Rep Resigns Vemma For His Team? MLM and Network Marketing News and Information

Vemma “loyal” rep Alex Morton leaves for Jeunesse.
For the well being of the team?

There’s always a bit of drama when someone (a leader) who was so committed to his or her company leaves for a new company.

What is interesting here is how BK Borenko will react.
BK is the owner of Vemma and appears to be very committed to his company, his product line, and his people… especially the younger ones.

Besides, in this editor’s opinion, BK’s poor judgment and example of
making posts from the webcam on a laptop while driving, BK is one of those charismatic entrepreneurs who has the money, the resources, the attitude and the responsibility to Vemma distributors to “bury this kid.”

My initial bet is Alex hasn’t read the Policies and Procedures with his legal counsel… so unless there’s something more to the story, Alex is going to gain a lot of experience on how independent reps are not “independent”.

The end result will be challenging for all parties involved.

Behind posted something that has more to do with an example for the industry to learn from and watch how this one plays out

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