Zrii Introduces Skincare Line

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At its largest leadership academy ever, in the Bahamas yesterday, Zrii, LLC, – a Triple A classified opportunity by Business For Home – launched a line of premium skincare products called ZriiNew™.

This product launch marks the company’s first foray into the skincare industry, and involved years of work as well as contributions from some of the world’s top skincare formulators and marketing experts.

“This is a historic day for our company,” declared Bill Farley, Zrii’s Founder & CEO.

“The enthusiasm, vision and commitment of our Independent Executives and customers are beyond compare.

For years, our customers and field leaders have been requesting a skincare line they could believe in, and with ZriiNew we have delivered products that exceed anyone’s expectations.”

Added Zrii President A.K. Khalil:

“For years we have provided an ‘inside-out’ approach to creating wellness and radiance; with the launch of the ZriiNew skincare line, we are now working from the outside in. Our skincare and wellness products not only complement each other, they also afford our Independent Executives a broad platform upon which they can build a truly successful business. I’m extremely excited to see our Zrii community achieve even greater heights with ZriiNew!”

The ZriiNew skincare line features four exclusive products: a premium Facial Serum; a rich, hydrating Night Cream; a unique Facial Exfoliator; and a lightweight SPF-30 Day Cream. Each product individually provides beautiful effects, but united they form an innovative, complete day-into-night system that harnesses the power of nature-based ingredients and smart, targeted science.

Part of what makes the skincare line so potent is the inclusion of two unique technologies that are proprietary to Zrii: MicroMelt™, which improves the penetration and absorption of the products’ most powerful ingredients while locking in moisture; and Liquid Light™, which improves the way that light reflects off the surface of the skin, increasing radiance, luminosity, and a youthful appearance.

“These products are designed to have visible, youth-enhancing benefits on the skin,” explained Kate MacArthur, Vice President of Marketing at Zrii. “We have third-party clinical tests that demonstrate how well they work. But the best part is that the benefits increase and accumulate over time.”

The ZriiNew skincare line has received an endorsement unprecedented in the skincare industry: that of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, founded by the world’s foremost expert on mind-body health, Dr. Deepak Chopra.

“The Chopra Center’s endorsement gives our customers and Independent Executives an unparalleled level of trust in the quality of the ZriiNew products and the thoughtfulness and efficacy of our formulations,” said Mr. Khalil.

Dr. Chopra’s endorsement.

In a move rare for this scale of product introduction, Zrii is proud to announce the strategic launch of ZriiNew across its markets in the U.S., Colombia, Perú, Guatemala, Hong Kong, México, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica and New Zealand, with others following short weeks later.

The global skincare industry is currently worth an estimated $121 billion per year, and could reach $134 billion by 2021. With the launch of the ZriiNew skincare line, Zrii is giving its Independent Executives and customers access to a large and growing industry, and products that are effective and easy to share with others. The ZriiNew skincare products round out the company’s nutrition and supplementation products.

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