Tourists should avoid New Zealand city in 2018 due to $50M in Amway meetings means, says newspaper

A New Zealand resort town is celebrating winning a bid to host a series of meetings for Michigan-based Amway Corp.’s China affiliate. It’s considered a major tourism victory for the island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Queenstown will host 10,000 elite Amway China distributors for what is being described as a series of five-day incentive trips in the last half of 2018.

The tourism contract is such a big windfall that New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who does double duty as Minister of Tourism, announced the contract last week during a visit to China.

“This is by far the biggest incentive business New Zealand has ever won, and it sends a strong message that New Zealand is a serious contender in the global incentive market,” he is quoted as saying in a statement released to the media. “China is now our second-largest and fasting growing tourism market, contributing nearly NZ$1.7 billion to the economy in 2015. And Chinese tourists have the highest daily spend of any of our visitors.”

Hosting Amway China’s 2018 Leadership Seminar will generate $50 million in New Zealand currency, which roughly translates to $34 million in U.S. dollars.

Another $10 million is expected in personal spending by the Chinese visitors.

The deal not only is a boon for Queenstown but for the nation’s government-owned Air New Zealand, which is handling air transportation for the Amway visitors.

New Zealand is roughly a 14-hour flight from Amway China’s headquarters in Guangzhou in southern China.

The contract is through the Grand Rapids area-headquartered multi-level marketing giant’s affiliate, Amway China.

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