Ambit Energy To Host 6th Annual Simulcast Conference

Ambit Energy, the world’s largest direct seller of energy and a leading national retail energy provider, will host the company’s 6th annual Simulcast training conference Saturday, January 30.

The two live events in Dallas, Texas and Utica, New York will draw nearly 6,000 attendees and will be live streamed for more than 10,000 Consultants across the country.

According to Oneida County Tourism, Simulcast 2016 will bring more than $178,000 to the local economy in Utica. More than 2,800 of Ambit Energy’s Independent Consultants will also travel to the live event in Dallas, where the company is headquartered.

‘We are excited to host Simulcast for the 6th consecutive year and pleased that the event enables us to financially support local businesses in Dallas and Utica, where many of our Independent Consultants call home,’ said Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-Founder and CEO of Ambit Energy. ‘Simulcast will provide essential training and knowledge to inspire our Independent Consultants to achieve financial success in the coming year.’

During the conference, Ambit provides informative training, motivation, important announcements, recognition of individual achievements and presentations from guest speakers designed to help attendees grow their businesses.

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