Ambit Energy Launches Ohio

This week is the launch of Ambit’s newest territory for Energy Supply Service. Now covering 15 states and the District of Columbia, Ambit’s footprint is now in markets with total Market Potential of over 100 Billion Dollars.

Ohio is a real monster opportunity, with more than 1.5 million potential residential and small commercial customers in AEP Ohio’s service territory.

We asked Ambit Energy’sTop Earner Steve Thompson about this launch:

Steve Thompson:

“It is a very exciting series of events to open new territory. I have enjoyed helping lead the launch of most of the new states Ambit Energy enter. Buckeye State Residents now have a huge opportunity. There are a series of events planned for the week with featuring a Very Special Training, Saturday, October 31st led by Multi Million Dollar Earners NC Steve Thompson and NC Chris Atkinson along with a multitude of other Ambit Leaders. While there will be a huge opportunity in Ohio for years to come, it is never more exciting than at the launch.

The First Mover Advantage is up for grabs in Ohio as this company that paid it’s Independent Consultants over 100 Million in Commissions last year, enters Ohio.

“One of the activities that made me a Top Earner in the MLM Industry has been taking advantage of expansion. Working with New Leaders as they launch their business with us in a new state has been not only exciting, but very profitable for those Early Adapters.

We expect to see thousands of Independant Consultants and Customers take advantage of Ambit Energy Savings and Income Earning Opportunities in the months to come. I urge folks new to MLM and those with some advantageous experience to get the information and take their place in this Life Changing Opportunity.”

“ I have been in the industry for well over 20 years but found ultimate success when I found the right opportunity, at the right time, with the right service, management team, compensation plan and field leadership. It transformed a 6 figure career into a 7 figure career! As they say, “Success Leaves Clues”, and our success across America has made us the Largest Direct Seller of Energy in the World, and it is BRAND NEW IN OHIO!

Get with your friends that are Independent Consultants with Ambit Energy and start your business now. As they say, “Education is not power, it is the application of that knowledge that is powerful!”


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