BaseHealth Partners with TriVita To Launch Personalized Wellness Care

BaseHealth, the comprehensive predictive analytics company for healthcare, today announced a partnership with TriVita, a leading North American health and wellness company. Through the partnership, BaseHealth’s comprehensive assessments will power TriVita Shield, a new personalized wellness program. The TriVita Shield wellness program will be introduced to its core market of over 300,000 members this July. It will then be featured in a multi-channel advertising campaign for the US and Canada rolling out in the fall of 2016.

Leveraging BaseHealth’s technology, TriVita Shield will provide users with a 360-degree view of their health and the actions that could improve wellness outcomes, based on snapshots of their key health indicators, including clinical, lifestyle, and behavioral data. TriVita Shield users will have the opportunity to integrate BaseHealth’s genomics offerings into their personalized assessments.

“Basehealth and TriVita are bringing the latest science in personalized wellness direct to consumers for the first time,” said BaseHealth CEO Prakash Menon. “BaseHealth’s comprehensive health-assessment engine and TriVita’s world-class wellness platform are a winning combination for engaging individuals in their health outcomes and improving lives.”

Through the medically licensed TriVita Wellness Center, experienced healthcare professionals will be available to coach and guide users while overseeing treatment plans. The TriVita Shield Coaching App will also provide around-the-clock support and encourage users with inspirational and motivational tips.

“Personalization is revolutionizing both point-of-care solutions and wellness,” said TriVita CEO Michael Ellison. “By integrating BaseHealth’s comprehensive health assessments into our subscription-based wellness platform, we’re delivering actionable insights tailored to each of our user’s specific needs.”

The predictive model powering BaseHealth’s health assessments is backed by more than five years of extensive research and built on validated data from over 30,000 peer-reviewed articles. It currently includes data on specific health indicators for more than 40 common lifestyle related diseases as well as information on 24 drug responses and 14 food responses, with more research regularly being added to the platform.

“We’re partnering with BaseHealth because their comprehensive health assessments are rooted in sound scientific data and rigorous methodologies,” said Dr. Scott Conard, Chief Medical Officer at TriVita. “In BaseHealth, we have a partner that shares our commitment to improving population health, one person at a time.”

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