Benefits Of Buying Gold Bullion Protect Against Inflation Reform Report Launched

German gold bullion company Karatbars has launched a new report on the benefits of buying gold for security and investment. It explains that gold is a worldwide currency that is exempt from VAT and protected from inflation.

–Karatbars, the gold buying service based in Stuttgart, Germany, has launched a new report on the benefits of buying gold bullion. Gold can provide insurance for a customer’s portfolio as its value doesn’t move in line with other assets such as equities or property, and because it’s a universal finite currency it is held by most banks.

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Karatbars is a company that offers customers and clients the chance to buy affordable 999.9 pure gold bullion as well as its own speciality line of gold merchandising, collector items and gift cards. It allows customers the independence to own, manage and control their personal Karatbars purchases, and strives to provide the highest levels of customer service for its clients.

The company website explains that its clients are primarily individuals, families, consumers and traders, and that these customers should expect to be treated with respect, with any concerns they have dealt with quickly and competently.

Karatbars emphasises that, in essence, gold is money and money is a currency. This means that gold is a form of currency, and is accepted in 194 different countries. It states the main reasons to buy gold are that it offers protection against inflation and currency reform, it allows the client to easily access global cash, and it is a stable investment in times of crisis.

In addition to this, the company says that gold is and will remain unimpaired, and there are limited resources and it is not reproducible. Global demand for gold is higher than its supply, and the purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT.

It goes on to underscore that many financial experts advise investing in gold, because of its safe nature. Karatbars says that experts advise having 10 – 20% of assets in gold, as a way to protect finances and family, as well as ensuring wealth preservation for the years ahead.

Full details of the history of gold and how to buy it for security and investment are detailed on the Karatbars website.

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