The referendum held in the United Kingdom

Press release from: Karatbars International GmbH

The referendum held in the United Kingdom on 23 June has been made in favor of a withdrawal: volatile exchange markets, political upheavals and a flight into gold can be expected.

Historically significant wake-up call to all shareholders and private investors
The distortions on the financial markets currently being observed in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union lead to an increase in the demand for Gold.
The precious metal reached a high over a period of months and finally climbed to its highest level since August 2014, proving itself as a strong and stable currency and a safe investment in times of crisis.

“The economic uncertainty after a retreat from the EU and the impact of market volatility reveals once again the very unstable ground on which our economy is based. Citizens have to become active themselves and are encouraged to purchase Gold for safeguarding assets. Brexit shows how fragile the global financial system remains and emphasises the considerable risks of a currency crisis,“ say Harald Seiz, managing director of Karatbars International.
Serious uncertainty among investors and private individuals. The consequences of the Brexit, carried out in accordance with Article 50 of the EU treaty, will have significant effects on the European Economic Area, whose full scale and duration cannot yet be determined.
Particularly in view of the fact that further petitions for a referendum will follow soon, the British initiative can be considered exemplary for the political developments in the countries of the EU and will aggravate the already tense political and economic situation. Investors and private individuals are now under pressure to find suitable answers to the financial crises.
The brexit increases latent fear of a significant, lasting price increase and an accompanying recession, often characterized by a currency devaluation. Post-crisis stabilisation mainly profits those who already own tangible assets, by which the living standards can be maintained and improved.
“The current situation emphasises the need for alternative investment strategies for private investors. Having fascinated mankind for thousands of years and proven its enduring value, Gold is an essential part of the aforementioned strategy“, CEO Harald Seiz points out.
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