Direct Selling Association (DSA) Code of Ethics

DSA Code of Ethics.

This may not be new news, but it may be new news to you.
There are several trade organizations in the Industry… of Direct Sales, MLM, and Party Plans.

The DSA (Direct Selling Association ) handles Companies, mostly.
Some people consider a membership in the DSA as level of Credibility, because a company has to pay and qualify.  The DSA lobbies, fights for companies in the industry, sets standards, etc. (Editor’s Note: At least “someone” does.)

The MLMIA (MultiLevel Marketing Association) deals with Companies, Vendors, Suppliers and Distributors. (Editor’s note: MLMIA is now a bit dormant, in “sleep” mode. Editor is a board member.)

The DSWA (Direct Selling Women’s or World Alliance) started off with women and now the world. (Editor’s note: more focus on a coaching school, now… still thumbs up!  Editor was original sponsor and on advisory board.)

The ANMP (The Association of Network Marketing Professionals) (Editor’s Note: Under previous management, the editor’s as past president of DRA and ANMP, thumbs up.  Now ANMP is little more than “a once a year seminar”… too bad.)

The FTC handles “advertising and claims”, the SEC “stocks, investments”, the FDA “food and drugs”… and now you know more than most if you are a distributor, seriously.

If you’re looking for some standards, here’s the Code of Ethics from the DSA:

Question for the DSA… why wait until FTC versus Vemma complaint, before investigating?
As if these issues just came up? Just asking…


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