Direct Selling Defense Fund Created

Direct Selling Defense Fund Created

The Direct Selling Defense Fund is trust account by Coppersmith Brockelman and will be used for the legal defense of Vemma vs the FTC.

Cost for legal defense is estimated around $2 million….

Most large law firms in the United States bill between $200 and $1,000 per hour for their lawyers’ time.

The danger for other Network marketing companies is the nature of the attack on Vemma. Vemma have been hit hard on “auto-ship” and “auto-ship commission qualification” a policy that has products automatically shipped to a distributor unless he or she opts out in advance.

Secondly the FTC attacks the binary compensation plan in a recent hearing, there fore the Direct Selling Industry is under attack.

Bob Proctor recently released this video:

If you want to support the industry defense this are the wire instructions:


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