doTERRA Donates to Countryside Association for People with Disabilities

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Dec. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past 60 years, the Countryside Association for People with Disabilities has been serving individuals with intellectual and developmental handicaps by providing them with opportunities to get involved in their communities. On March 18, 2016, the association held their Spring Gala, which served as a fundraiser event for their organization. doTERRA International was happy to show its support for such an inspirational program by donating product for the Gala’s silent auction. The proceeds went toward building and supporting individuals with disabilities through sustaining the association’s services and programs.

The Countryside Association for People with Disabilities is centered on programs that offer individuals with disabilities opportunities for paid work and activities that can enhance personal skills and social connection. Because many disabilities are coupled with symptoms of anxiety and social phobias, social interactions, especially in the work place, can spur feelings of social anxiety and a lack of confidence in communal situations. However, the association’s programs are carefully designed to ease them into the social world, and reduce or dispel the feelings of anxiety associated with social interactions in employment.

Some of the programs, like the Developmental Training program, allow individuals with disabilities to train for a job and enhance employee skills while also building healthy social skills. In order to learn and implement these skills, the association offers community-based social and recreational activities to help participants apply what they learn to their everyday lives. These types of experiences are beneficial in building confidence in the work place and in social situations before these individuals enter the work force.

Additional programs are catered to individuals who seek to have a job in their community or in facility-based work services. For those who choose community work, the association will help them obtain a local job and will provide a job coach to help them maintain and manage their employment happily and healthily. Other opportunities for income can also come from the Empowering Artists with Disabilities program. This program gives individuals with disabilities a chance to use their artistic abilities to create and earn money from their creations.

The funds raised at the association’s Spring Gala helped further the impact these programs and services make in the lives of individuals with disabilities and will continue to encourage them to step out into their communities and experience their thriving potential.

Visit Countryside Association for People with Disabilities to learn more or to donate.

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