doTERRA Wellness Advocate Serves as a Salvation Army Officer

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For the past eight years, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Thais Viana and her husband have taken community service to a new level by being Salvation Army officers in the Waltham, Massachusetts, area. They chose to work with the Salvation Army because they believed the organization aligned with their family goals of being an “agent of change with grace and no discrimination.” Since they have started their journey with the Salvation Army, they have found just that—a non-discriminatory foundation that gives to and loves everyone. Through their service as officers and volunteers in the Salvation Army, they are able to reach out to thousands of people each year through a wide array of community out-reach programs.

Some of the most prevalent programs offered by the Salvation Army are the ones that provide food and hot meals for those who cannot afford them. When individuals face starvation or food insecurity, their immune systems can weaken from a lack of proper nutrients. This reduced state of health can make it easier for viruses and infections to penetrate the immune system. If untreated, these viruses and infections can also lead to worse problems, such as a cold, the flu, pneumonia, or whooping cough. But because of the selfless acts of the Salvation Army, individuals in need of proper nutrients are able to receive essential foods that can help protect them from viruses, infections, and additional health issues.

The Salvation Army also centers many of their programs on children and youth. The organization has created after school and summer camp programs that are structured to build, inspire, and educate youth and children in areas that they desire to excel in. These opportunities allow them to participate in literacy programs, arts and crafts, or even receive help on their homework. Other programs are designed to teach children how to read music and play instruments so that they can use the gift of music to bless the lives of those around them.

Along with these programs, the Salvation Army and volunteers like Thais and her husband also help facilitate fuel assistance, emergency clothing, and seasonal assistance for those in need. To Thais, volunteering with the Salvation Army has taught her that “it takes a village to make a successful community,” and that peace and change starts with her, loving one person at the time.

Visit the Salvation Army or the Salvation Army in Massachusetts to learn more or donate.

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