doTERRA Wellness Advocate Volunteers with Red Frog Foundation

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — To someone who has known poverty all their life, receiving drinking water free of viruses, school supplies, and medical assistance can make a huge impact; that is why doTERRA Wellness Advocate Lex Mullis began volunteering with the Red Frog Foundation. The Red Frog Foundation is an organization that dedicates its time and effort to serving the impoverished people of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The foundation’s mission is to get involved in community projects that promote self-help and make improvements in public health and education. Because of its dedication, the foundation is building the lives of those it serves and its volunteers.

For Lex, she had “been on the receiving end of some genuine service and saw the impact it can have.” So, when she heard about the Red Frog Foundation and the impact that its service was making, she related to its “mission, vision, and passion, and was excited to get involved.” She now volunteers as the special projects coordinator for the foundation and has even had the opportunity to visit Panama. There, she interacted “with some of the locals and really got a feel for what their needs were.” Just being in their presence filled her heart and instilled in her a greater desire to serve them.

The Red Frog Foundation and volunteers like Lex work hard to serve these people in the most effective and beneficial ways. For one of the foundation’s projects, they teamed up with Operation Safe Drinking Water and installed a fresh water catchment system so that the people could have safe drinking water free of viruses. Since waterborne viruses can be common in parts of Panama, it is easy to imagine the difference that this clean drinking water made on the health of the local people. Another facet of health that the foundation focuses on is providing medical supplies for the Home of the Aged and the clinic in Bocas Del Toro.

In addition to health care, the Red Frog Foundation goes to extra lengths to improve public education in the community. The foundation has donated educational supplies to the Bastimentos school and has also provided uniforms for the children in attendance. Through dedicated service, the Red Frog Foundation and its volunteers are truly impacting the people of Panama. Visit the Red Frog Foundation to learn more or to donate.

doTERRA Cares is an initiative through which doTERRA International recognizes and raises awareness for Wellness Advocates who contribute to worthy causes worldwide. doTERRA International is thrilled to share Lex’s success and service and recognizes her as this week’s doTERRA Cares highlight!

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