doTERRA Wellness Advocate Volunteers to Bring Aid to Children around the World

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Nov. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –Several years ago, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Jennifer Bryson and her husband organized a group of students to volunteer with Giving Children Hope (GCHope). This organization works to bring life-saving resources to children and families locally as well as overseas, particularly during times of natural disaster or disease outbreak. Jennifer and her husband soon fell in love with the mission of GCHope, and decided to make volunteering a regular part of their routine.

Since her discovery of GCHope, Jennifer has helped to pack backpacks full of nutritional food, prepared relief supplies for victims of natural disasters, and assisted with the organization’s fundraising dinner for several years. She says, “I love that Giving Children Hope takes resources that would otherwise end up in a landfill and gives them new life in the hands of kids who really need it. What happens to old medical equipment when a hospital upgrades? Giving Children Hope gets it to a hospital in the third world that desperately needs it.”

As a nonprofit organization, Giving Children Hope aims to provide medical resources, nutritional food, disaster relief, and help with the basic needs of vulnerable children and families around the world. In 2014, GCHope helped procure medical supplies during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, to help clinics caring for those infected by the Ebola virus, as well as those who contracted the virus while treating Ebola patients. After the Nepal earthquakes in the spring of 2015, GCHope sent food, hygiene products, and cots to aid those caught in the aftermath of the disaster. More recently, the organization has been serving child refugees living in camps on the Syrian border. While these children and families wait for the violence to subside, GCHope has provided them with winter clothes, a food stock, and other supplies.

Whether the organization is working to assist with disease outbreaks like Ebola, or attending to families caught in devastating natural disasters, GCHope strives to aid those who truly need help. With a mission to serve vulnerable families and children, Giving Children Hope lends their services throughout the world. Jennifer says, “It is a privilege to serve with hundreds of other volunteers and donors who are inspired by the same mission.” To help Giving Children Hope with their efforts, visit their website for more information.

doTERRA Cares is an initiative through which doTERRA International recognizes and raises awareness for Wellness Advocates who contribute to worthy causes worldwide. doTERRA International is thrilled to share Jennifer’s success and service and recognizes her as this week’s doTERRA Cares highlight!

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