FDA goes after mislabeling like FTC goes after claims

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) goes after mislabeling and deceptive practices like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) goes after deceptive trade practices like income and medical claims.

In the following article, the head of the company is going head to head with the FDA over his claims about Mayo.  The “confusion” is that mayo is closely associated with mayonnaise.  And mayonnaise has eggs… and his does not.

Ask U.S. food regulators, and they’ll tell you that mayonnaise has to contain eggs, as it has for the past two centuries. But Josh Tetrick, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur hellbent on disrupting a host of food staples with his plant-based substitutes, gives a far different response: Who cares? “I think it is stupid we can’t call our product mayonnaise,” Tetrick says of his two-year-old Just Mayo eggless spread. “I think it’s ridiculous. We’re definitely not changing the name.”

Tetrick says he has to wage this battle. If he can’t call it mayo—a product consumers instantly identify with—he can’t sell it. He figures most consumers will eschew products with labels that scream the differences between plant-based mayo and the regular stuff. “When you start presenting things as alternatives,” Tetrick says, “the only people who are going to buy it are in San Francisco and New York.”

So, it’s not just MLM…

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