Herbalife sales down 11% but stocks climb by 15%+ ?

Herbalife report for the second quarter.

Sales down, stock goes up.
Go figure?

It would not usually be the case… where a company tells the public the sales are expected to go down this year, and the stock price increases significantly on the news that sales did go down.

Herbalife scenario is a complex though.

Bill Ackman’s short. Carl Icahn’s long. Government Investigations. Local protests. FBI and SEC looking at insider trading. Herbalife hiring top guns. Bill Ackman’s $50 Million in Research trying to┬ádocument Herbalife is a pyramid.

If you’re new to this conversation, catch up.

There’s an interesting article about Herbalife and the stocks on the second quarter reportings.

Read the details courtesy of Market Watch .com


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