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Demographics, “(used with a plural verb) the statistical data of a population, especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.”, is the key to determining value in a community. While most look at the numbers and say, “HUH?”, it is the very foundation of EVERYTHING in society.

Demographics, which make up the chemistry of everything human, can help determine what appears to be important in selecting how you will spend your valuable time marketing. If you choose to invest in a product/service oriented toward what seems to be appropriate in your neighborhood, but the rest of the community has little interest or application, then you have picked unwisely.

For example, we know the demographics are showing there are fewer and fewer babies being born in the US now then say, 25 years ago. The baby boomers are aging, yet live longer than their parents did. They may not contribute to the work pool of America, yet they still demand goods and services as much as the next generation. They have more disposable income than their parents did, so they still spend. What is it they are buying, HEALTH CARE! Yet today, there are less young people available in that field to service their needs. Hence, immigration becomes valuable as the field of health care demands assistance for the aging populace.

Where are we getting this assistance? From our neighbor, Mexico. Why, because they are still populating their homes with multiple children because of a social belief about the value of children in supporting their parents. This is due primarily to their income being so low, hence the need for a larger family to ensure their continued help as they age.

Now, you may ask, “How does this effect my selection of an MLM?” Well, let me tell you. Does your chosen product/service take into consideration the generational spectrum and the influence it has on consumption? Try selling the latest electronic wizardry to an aging retiree and you will find a blank look and empty response. But, if you talk about the value of a product that can enhance their life in bathing, transportation, housing, or creature comforts for a less mobile group of citizens, THEN you have their attention.

Does your product/service take into consideration the income categories of those under your realm of influence? Can you seriously think that marketing a high value investment service to a low income region in your neighborhood is going to be successful? While the implication of financial security is appealing, the reality of application must be considered before investing your valuable life blood of time into the project.

Take a serious look at what has your attention when reviewing a potential enrollment into any MLM business opportunity. Ask yourself, how will I be able to market this in the realm of my immediate influence? Do I have true access to the demographic information I need to determine the wide spread appeal of this product/service in my area? Once you have looked past the glitter of promised untold wealth being promoted to you and unemotionally look at the demographic numbers available in your community, THEN and ONLY THEN, can you make sense of an opportunity, because it becomes a REALISTIC OPPORTUNITY instead of an invitation to be part of the hamster wheel and allure used today by the majority of MLM businesses.

Letting go of the emotional response when looking at a new business opportunity and realistically researching the demographics within the umbrella of your influence is one of the very first steps needed to make your MLM participation one of success, or doomed failure because the guttural greed or fear that motivates all mankind. Look before you leap.

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