LifeVantage Launches Mobile Back Office App

LifeVantage Corporation has launched LifeVantage Pro, a proprietary mobile back office application specifically designed for its network of independent Distributors. The LifeVantage Pro App provides the Distributors access to their personal businesses in real-time and allows them to prospect from their contact list, place orders, view up-to-date business qualifications, and enroll people into their organizations – all directly from their smart phones.

“It is important for LifeVantage to adapt to the new technology paradigms taking shape within our industry,” said LifeVantage President and Chief Executive Officer Darren Jensen. “Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer now has the ability to manage their business from anywhere in the world. We will continue to deploy resources to this and other technology applications that will streamline our enrolment platform across all technologies, enhance business management tools for our Distributors, and drive customer engagement.”

The LifeVantage Pro App is available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, and will be rolled out internationally over the coming months. More than 5,000 LifeVantage Distributors have already downloaded the application.


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