Medical Marijuana Inc’s Kannaway® Reports Increased Profitability

Medical Marijuana Incposted that its subsidiary unit, Kannaway®, has increased its revenue eleven-fold since March 2016 until now. Executive management has played a key role in leading the firm’s remarkable growth through this period.

The highlights

Blake Schroeder became Kannaway® CEO in March 2016, while President Brad Tayles became a part of the Kannaway® team in August 2015. The company has also increased its active supplier base by 341%, surged the firm’s active client base by 500%, and eventually increased revenue by 1100%, that is 11 times growth overall sales from March 2016.

Schroeder said that they are extremely delighted about the growth Kannaway® is recording and the success their brand ambassadors and customers are having financially and health wise. They are changing everyone’s lives and assisting families. They look forward to a remarkable 2017.

Kannaway® remains to bring new unique offerings to market, expanding its line of best lifestyle products. Recently launched products comprise Premium Hemp Oil Caps, Pure CBD Premium Capsules, Gold Premium Hemp Oil, Hemp Oil Oral Applicator, the Kannaway Salve Travel and Kannaway Pure CBD. Kannaway will release an additional new product line at its imminent Ignite event planned this month.

Additionally, Kannaway® expanded its representative support staff and developed a Spanish-speaking unit to boost its expansion plan in Latin America. Kannaway® continues to host Red Carpet events in different cities nationwide, enabling the public to network with Kannaway® leaders, the firm’s executive team, and associated Kannaway® business owners.

Recognizing that the accomplishment of Kannaway® brand ambassadors is a major part of the Medical Marijuana’s mission, the firm has commenced several plans to list top performers that comprise prize giveaways and special trip and a unique stock incentive program. All these measures are carefully planned so that Medical Marijuana can expand its presence in the growing cannabis industry.

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