Morinda looking for growth with new Custom Sales Tool

Morinda is gearing up for what it calls a “second era of growth” with the launch of the TruAge Operating System, a custom marketing and lead management tool designed around the health firm’s TruAge Scanner. A month after the system’s rollout, reports of exponential sales growth are coming in from the brand’s Independent Product Consultants (IPCs).

In the summer of 2013, Utah-based Morinda introduced the TruAge Scanner to help market its nutrition and skincare products. The patented scanning device, validated in over 100 published studies, non-invasively measures a person’s AGE levels. AGEs, or advanced glycation end-products, are damaging compounds that form in the body and trigger health issues and signs of aging.

The company reported a boost in customers and sales following the rollout of the TruAge Scanner. With the TruAge Operating System, Morinda is looking to convert interest in AGE levels into increased sales of its AGE-fighting products. The tool enables IPCs to create daily task lists, manage contacts and orchestrate responsive email campaigns.

One Morinda IPC, Tracy T., put the system to use while participating as a vendor at the recent Minnesota State Fair. Using the contact and marketing tools, he saw a 224 percent increase in sales over the last two years combined. For every 100 product presentations made, Tracy reported, 43 ultimately resulted in a purchase.

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