My Advertising Pays Closes USA Market

According to an email from founder Mike Deese to it’s 200,000 members, My Advertising Pays (MAPS) has closed down the USA market. The official reason is a decline in the US:

“We have battled with this decision. After careful consideration and extensive consultation with our Legal Team, MAP Executives, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors and European MAP Leaders, we have unfortunately decided to completely pull out of the American marketplace.

The decision comes on the heels of a declining marketplace in the US for our company. It simply isn’t profitable for us to remain engaged there. Over 90% of our business already comes from Europe, while we are catering to the US members by operating in US currency.

It doesn’t make good business sense to continue operating in a place and expending valuable resources in a market that’s steadily declining. We are going to focus on the place where we are wanted and are making huge strides. This is strictly a business decision we’ve had to make based on the numbers”.

However in the same message MAPS stated:

“If you are an American Citizen; If you legitimately have citizenship in another country, can legally operate from it, and can prove it, you will need to contact our support department and provide this proof before we will change anything in your profile for you.

This points to lack of compliance for the USA market, to say it in a diplomatic way…


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