Robert Fitzpatrick on Saturation in MLM

Robert Fitzpatrick on Saturation in MLM

Robert FitzPatrick is an expert witness in the anti-MLM field.
He makes some good points and ones that pro-MLM dispute.

You read, you decide.
(Editor’s Note: His valid critical points can help strengthen the MLM Industry. Some fall flat. Some make you wonder, “huh? are you talking about MLM?”)

This article was posted on Seeking Alpha, titled:
“Unregulated, Unexamined And Unchecked, Multi-Level Marketing Has Reached Saturation”

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Robert FitzPatrick co-founded and serves as president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, the first international organization to expose and prevent pyramid scheme fraud. He personally responds to hundreds of consumer and news media inquiries. He has served as consultant and expert witness for Attorney General or State Attorney offices in four states, the US Dept. of Justice, and in numerous cases involving distributor fraud and pyramid schemes.

He was also featrued on the Bill Ackman presentation about Herbalife.

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