Talk Fusion CEO to Offer Expert Training in Upcoming “Talk Fusion University”

BRANDON, Fla., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Bob Reina, Founder & CEO of Florida-based video marketing company Talk Fusion, announced this month that production for the much-anticipated Talk Fusion University is officially underway.

As a network marketing company, Talk Fusion’s technology products are marketed person-to-person by Independent Associates in over 140 countries. Positioned to help these Associates excel, Talk Fusion University will be a free online training center that will not only offer educational articles, white papers, and PDF downloads, but also access to an in-depth video series featuring advice from the company Founder & CEO Bob Reina.

“Looking at my life now, people have trouble believing that I used to be a policeman,” explains Bob Reina, who is now a multimillionaire thanks to his success in the direct selling business. When first starting out, Bob Reina had no sales experience, only a determination to work hard in an industry he knew had potential. As Bob Reina elaborates, “I worked as a direct seller for a lot of years, and there were times when my phone bill was bigger than my commission check, but I stuck with these companies, figured out what worked, and ended up with the enormous success I have today.”

Bob Reina attributes his success to a proven and simple system, one he believes anyone can follow, so long as the person has the right drive and the right determination to see it through. As Bob Reina details, “my success as a direct seller is proof that absolutely anyone can make it big in this business; and with Talk Fusion University, I’m committed to showing our Associates exactly how to make that happen.”

As the company prepares for the launch of its University, Talk Fusion is releasing a series of teaser videos via Facebook Live, including one recent clip that gave viewers an inside look at the University set. Filmed from this onsite location, the eagerly awaited video series will cover topics ranging from getting started, finding your motivation, building a prospect list, inviting others to join the business, tips for overcoming objections and following up, and advice on how to get others plugged into Bob Reina’s system of success.

“When I started Talk Fusion, my mission was simple,” explains Bob Reina, “I wanted to show others that there is a better way to live, and I wanted to give them a company they could count on to make that happen; and with the upcoming release of Talk Fusion University, I’m excited to make that promise come full circle.”

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