Team Wukar and Dubli and the he said he said Lawsuit threats

If  you are in the MLM Industry, you probably were pitched on the deal with “dudes”, barely shaven, wearing baseball caps doing Google Hang Outs talking about working with Dubli with income dreams in the 9 figures.
Yes, 6 figure income too small… skip straight to 9 figures.

(For some reason, that didn’t work out.)

The “pitch” worked on thousands and thousands of distributors… some swear that Team Wukar is the real deal.  Although the “Team” has been dropped in the name… more on this in the video.

WUKAR was promoted as “Wake Up, Kick Ass, and Repeat” – that’s why mostly dudes or people that think like dudes were attracted.  In an interesting You Tube video, Matt Trainer, has a defining moment personal conversation.

He’ll probably be dealing with this for years and years and years… as Dubli has threatened to sue him based on some of the content.
Please note: some adult language here. OK, OK, a lot of adult language here…   the lawyers will be loving this.


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