Total Life Changes Honors Stormy Wellington With The TLC Visionary Award

Total Life Changes Has Announced That They Added New Products

Strong will. Faith. Determination. Desire. Call it what you want, but Stormy Wellington is restoring peoples’ lives since joining Total Life Changes. In the past fourteen months she has been on a quest to out hustle every network marketer in the business and the results are in.

She was recently recognized as a top-earner in the company with over $2 million in the past twelve months. But more importantly, she has provided restoration for so many families.

Stormy was recently presented with the TLC Visionary Award in New Orleans for her commitment and her crusade to helping 1,000 families earn a six-figure income. She has helped over thirty families earn at least $50,000 in their first year and several others have earned six-figure incomes.

Stormy summarizes her decision to join TLC:

“Fourteen months ago I was living a nightmare. After being in the industry of direct sales and MLM for a little over eight years, I found myself broke and broken. But then I was introduced to TLC.

After I started using the products, after meeting the founder, Jack Fallon and the incredible leadership; I realized that the average person could come over here to TLC and win because of these amazing products and compensation plan!

Total Life Changes has a very unique culture right now. It’s not all about the people at the top, but rather acknowledging and working with all of the people below the top positions that truly sustain the company, so that we all can succeed and make incredible money.”

Wellington has created a tremendous following across all social media. In fact, most of her friends, business partners and “scopies” from Periscope refer to her as “Coach Stormy,” because she implores hard work, personal development and a commitment to helping 1,000 families earn a six-figure income.


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