Youngevity Trinity Anti-Aging Healing Lotion & Palmarosa Essential Oil Announced

Youngevity a wellness brand pioneered by Dr. Joel Wallach announces their Trinity lotion and Palmarosa Essential Oil.Both products are are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have both cosmetic and medicinal properties. They are effective against joint pain, minor cuts, burns and so on.

The internationally acclaimed wellness brand Youngevity announces two of their highly sought after products, the Trinity lotion and the Palmarosa essential oil. Both products have numerous health benefits and are composed of only the purest and best ingredients.

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Skincare in today’s world is more a chemical overdose than anything else. Most products that claim to be natural or herbal also include a long list of chemicals preservatives and artificial colors. Finding product that are made to high standards of quality and produce no negative side effects is now more of a challenge than ever before.

Youngevity, a USA based wellness brand that is fast gaining international acclaim has boldly and effectively stepped into this niche. As the name suggests their Trinity lotion is a blend of three active ingredients, Beta 1, 3-D Glycan and aloe Vera. These 3 ingredients work together to keep the skin healthy and protected.

The lotion works as anti-aging product and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The triple action formula also make it an effective solution to minor cuts and other problems such as bee stings, insect bites and minor burns. It makes a great daily companion for young and old alike. The lotion is available in a convenient 4 oz bottle that makes it easy to pack for travel too.

Palmarosa is also known as rose geranium essential oil. It is widely used in aromatherapy and oil therapy treatments. This essential oil is excellent for routine skin care and leave the skin gently nourished and perfumed. This oil is also able to soothe and relieve minor aches and pains in the joints and muscles. It is also effective as a mood uplifting agent. Palmarosa essential oil has no known toxic properties. However anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or are using any medication are advised to use the oil with caution. For more information visit the link given above.

Contact Info:
Name: J Bennett
Organization: Youngevity
Address: 2400 Boswell Road, Chula Vista 91914, United States
Phone: +1-800-982-3189

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