Zurvita™ Launches ZMobile™

HOUSTON, Sept. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Office Solutions today announced the most recent deployment of its SmartMOBILE™ application for direct sellers, ZMobile for Zurvita.

Developed in a record-breaking turnaround of 45 days from SOW to launch at the 2015 Zurvita World Conference, the application had nearly 4,000 downloads in the first week following the launch of ZMobile at the Zurvita International Conference, attended by more than 3,500 Independent Consultants from around the world.

“We knew we were giving Smart Office a big job with a challenging timeline and inviolable deadline,” says Zurvita co-CEO Jay Shafer, “but we also knew of the Smart Office reputation for quality technology, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, and the Smart Office philosophy of regarding client relations as partnerships. And because of that, they give us great support.”

Leading in that philosophy of support is Smart Office Solutions™ Product Manager for ZMobile, Michelle Flick, who tests, trains, and reports on implementation of the app. “The goal is to create an app that is self-driven through ease of operation and tutorials,” Michelle says. “ZMobile has in-app, one-click explanations of each feature as well as the functionality to load training videos. But we insist on a redundancy of key features, especially essential features such as start-up training and operational instruction.”

Zurvita Co-CEO Mark Jarvis says, “That responsiveness and attention to support is one of the reasons for the success of our ZMobile launch. We have an energetic and creative Independent Consultant field force; but when it comes to technology, an application is as successful as its support. And the launch of ZMobile was a key feature in the success of the largest conference in our company history because we got great support from Smart Office Solutions.”

Zurvita Vice President of Marketing Carl Waters agrees: “The folks at Smart Office have earned a reputation not only for knowing our industry and being a reliable partner, but for flawless support of all their products and services. ZMobile is an evidence of that professionalism: a state-of-the-art product that is fully supported.”

ZMobile can be downloaded to any Android or Apple iOS smart phone and provides mobile onboard functionality previously available only online, such as:

  • Standalone functionality
  • Interface with back office platforms and other direct selling industry-specific technologies
  • Support calls to action
  • Real-time communications to drive target audience to replicated websites
  • Perform a broad range of business operations such as:
    • Enrolling Preferred Customers and Consultants
    • Ordering product and supplies
    • Promoting with videos and other digital communications
    • In-app communication (no SMS charges)
    • Multi-lingual international communication
  • Training and promotion
  • Enterprise deployment

The result is that ZMobile is…

  • Functional
  • Sensitive to consultant requirements
  • An encouragement of sponsoring, sales, training, and effective communications
  • Extremely user-friendly

Zurvita is a global marketing company providing a unique line of original wellness products to support the healthy lifestyles of people of all ages. Zurvita is dedicated to creating a user-friendly, fully supported environment for people to leverage word-of-mouth networking and the power of social media to create proven home business opportunities. ZMobile is the most recent evidence of that commitment to a richly-supported user-friendly opportunity for home-based entrepreneurs to enjoy both immediate cash flow and long-term residual income.

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