13 Countries Children Now Being Fed by 4Life Fortify

With the recent addition of El Salvador, 4Life Research is now providing meals to malnourished children in 13 countries worldwide. The nutrition company has donated a record 850,000 meals throughout September and the first part of October.

The donations come from the brand’s customers and distributors, who can purchase packages of 4Life Fortify, a nutrient-rich meal of rice, lentils and beans fortified with vitamins, minerals and the company’s immune-boosting 4Life Transfer Factor supplement. In turn, the Salt Lake City-based company pays its sellers a commission on the purchase and ships the meals to organizations feeding children in need.

4Life Service Director Tracie Kay attributes the recent uptick in donations to a better understanding of the program’s impact among distributors. “We’ve always marketed the 4Life Fortify nutrition program as a win-win: hungry children are receiving a lifeline, while our distributors are building their 4Life business,” Kay told DSN. “In the end, everyone benefits and is able to work together to bring about a positive change in the life of a child.”

Since the beginning of September, the company has sent shipments of 204,000 meals to Honduras, the Philippines and Guatemala. Charitable partners in Nicaragua and El Salvador, where 4Life is working with Feed the Children, each received 96,000 meals. The company also distributed 48,000 4Life Fortify meals in the U.S.


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