Lyoness Facing Pyramid Allegations In Estonia

On 13 October 2015 Radar Channel 2 in Estonia featured a report alleging that Lyoness was operating a pyramid scheme and provided the case of a group of hearing impaired people who claimed to have been misled by representatives and lost money. A consumer protection board in Estonia has reportedly ordered a refund by the company to some of these hearing impaired individuals.

Lyoness has responded to these allegations by refuting all claims of operating a pyramid scheme.

In its response Lyoness states that it has now been operating for over 12 years and in 46 countries and has become one of the world’s largest shopping communities. The company has more than five million members and over 50,000 loyalty merchants around the world.

Lyoness notes that recruitment does not give anyone the opportunity to earn money, because membership is free for everyone and always.

“Everyone who spreads the myth to the contrary, we would like to remind them that benefits are exclusively generated by shopping activities within the Lyoness community.” explains Neeme Ott, CEO of Lyoness Eesti OÜ.

Before entering any new market, Lyoness ensures compliance with the laws and regulations of any country, just as it did in Estonia.

“None of the countries in which it is active has Lyoness been found guilty of or convicted for operating a pyramid scheme.”

Lyonesse confirmed that their website or their staff are not allowed to promise quick and easy returns, and neither does the company claim to provide any opportunity for investment, which could reap high returns in the future.

Based on the Radar report involving members of the hearing impaired community which alleges that Lyoness representatives were selling Gold Cards to them, the company confirms that the Gold Card and its benefits can not be bought.

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